Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm Rich!

My latest illustration for The Canadian Sportsman. The article was weird and difficult to read because it was written in the style of the 1920's. But the gist of it was about a guy who was lucky and kept winning.

For the sketches they wanted the main guy in the middle of a crowd of sad people with no money. So I came up with these sketches.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nice Trip!

Check out this piece I did for the Canadian Sportsman. I finished this one a while back, it's just been difficult to find the time to post it. The article was about this horse trainer who had many quirks. One of the quirks was how he would train the horses to get into the stables by pretending to trip over his laces. I know, weird.

In this sketch I wanted to show a standard portrait of all the horses he trained.In this one, I showed the part in the article when he would do the "trip over his laces" trick. I was going to just send these two sketches...
... but I decided to do one more and i came up with this one. As you can see the editor really liked this one.

In the sketch there was a border, I decided to take it out. Looks way better without it.