Monday, April 4, 2016

Least Favourite Cobra's



Sorry for the radio silence ... it's been busy. But I'm back and I've decided to draw my least favourite Cobra's (from GI Joe).

Scrap-Iron. Lame Cobra, lame outfit.

Copperhead. Cool costume but a lame character that likes to ride his little boat around in the bayou.


Unknown said...

Hi, I love your artwork. Do you do freelance work?

Tyrone said...

Anne, yeah I do. My freelance mostly consists of character building but in someone else style though. But I like to keep my style active by drawing things that I like.

Anonymous said...

What is the best way to contact you about freelance work? I can only seem to use this comment section. LOL I am not tech savvy and couldn't find any contact info.

Tyrone said...

Anne, you can contact me at mccarthy.ty @ gmail dot com